Welcome to BackYard Engineering℠...


Welcome to
BackYard Engineering℠...


Who, What are we?
About 1989, as a joke John Schubert thought he needed to put something in the Sponsor field of autocross entry forms. Thus was born the idea of BackYard Engineering℠...

Since then family and friends have used the BackYard Engineering℠ when they were "sponsored". That was a very loose term in that it meant they were either driving my car or I helped turn some wrenches and they thought they would give me some credit.

In the early '90s John, Ernest and Howard shared a house in Saratoga with a large garage in the BackYard. This of course reinforced the concept of BackYard Engineering℠! 😉

So to bring BackYard Engineering℠ into the next century, it now lives on the Internet 😎

How to reach us:

backyardengineering.com is a server that hosts several domain names. As such, none of the backyardengineering domain names are for sale...

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